Tales of Late Night Snacks : Like a ripped flank Kimbap
Furniture, 2023.

textile, wool, wooden structure.

Kimbap is a popular Korean street food made of rice and vegetables rolled in a seaweed sheet. The biggest challenge is to roll it without ripping the seaweed. It is very frustrating to have a ripped flank kimbap because once cut, none of the filling won’t stay together. There is even a Korean idiom ‘sounds like a kimbap with ripped flank’ to mean gibberish, nonsense. ShiSoH’s childhood memory of this popular street food is the one-day class trip in primary school. Instead of the class trip, she was more excited about the mom’s signature lunch box – the kimbap. Spread the seasoned rice on a seaweed sheet, add the fillings and roll firmly but gently. During the trip, every child awaits lunchtime to eat their lunch box, and kimbap is the most popular food: tasty and sliced into pieces, it is easy to share. Children trade a kimbap slice for another, enjoying the tasting of kimbap with various fillings. ShiSoH associates her kimbap childhood memory with furniture and imagination to bring the public into a playful foodscape.

Exhibition <Tales of Late Night Snacks>, part of the collective Red Bean Paste.

Like a ripped flank Kimbap  
Photographed by ShiSoH.

Exhibition <Tales of Late Night Snacks>, part of the collective Red Bean Paste,
Dutch Design Week, 2023.