Inside Out
Installation, 2022.


Inside Out is the playful result of an investigation into how expressive eating behaviours show the pressure of self-control in capitalist societies.
Expressive eating behaviours cover a broad range of eating patterns — from compulsive to restrictive, including snacking, and emotional or stress eating.

Numerous interviews were conducted to understand how people navigate the tensions between personal desires, their bodies and social expectations to be efficient and perfect, which require self-control. Throughout the interviews, fat became a conspicuous representative of underlying emotions, defensive behaviours and social pressures. The resulting fat-creatures were created as human-scale sculptures and stop-motion animations that deconstruct stigmas about fat.

This project won the Kick That Ass Award, initiated by Lowlands Festival and Marten Baas.

Inside Out, 2022.
Photographed by Nicole Marnati and ShiSoH.

  • • •
Dutch Design Week 2022.
B.A.S.E. Milano 2023.